• SALENTO (within 200 km)A borderland embraced by two seas, with kilometers of coastline, where dream beaches give way to secret coves and sheer cliffs … it is the largest megalithic garden in Europe … in an atmosphere suspended between the Middle Ages and the East … . and an ineffable baroque.

    Lecce (190 km away)

    Lecce is distinguished by the richness and exuberance of the typically seventeenth-century Baroque of the churches and palaces of the center, built in the local Lecce stone, limestone very suitable for working with the chisel. The architectural development and decorative enrichment of the facades was particularly taken care of during the Kingdom of Naples and characterized the city in such an original way as to give rise to the definition of Lecce Baroque.

    4 access gates to the city

    Piazza Sant’Oronzo – Seat

    Amphitheater and Column of Sant’Oronzo

    Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie

    Piazza Duomo: Cathedral – Vescovado – Seminary building

    72 m high bell tower

    Holy Cross

    MUST – historical museum of the city of Lecce … from the Messapians to the present day, in the former monastery of Santa Chiara, which overlooks the Roman theater

    Paper mache art

    Brindisi (160 km away)

    Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista

    Alfonsino or di Mare Castle on the Island of Sant’Andrea

    Swabian or Terra Castle

    Church of San Benedetto

    Lungomare Regina Margherita

    Church of San Benedetto

    The 2 Roman columns, which have always been the symbol of the city of Brindisi, a port reference for ancient sailors. They were probably built in the 2nd century AD. with Proconnesian marble.

    Church of Santa Maria del Casale, rural church

    Itinerary In the Kingdom of Primitivo Wine: Manduria – Lizzano – Campo Marino di Maruggio San Pietro in Bevagna – Torre Colimena (tour of about 20 km)

    Terra del Primitivo, full-bodied and intense red wine, which goes well with aged cheeses, legume soups and grilled lamb – Strada dei Vini Doc Primitivo di Manduria and Lizzano


    Megalithic walls, in one of the largest archaeological parks in Italy

    Fonte Pliniano, a huge natural cave where water flows and the level is always constant

    Holy Trinity Mother Church

    Madonna of the Rosary

    Jewish ghetto

    Museum of the Primitivo Wine Civilization


    Rock crypt and San’Angelo cave, with early Christian frescoes

    Clock tower

    Marquis palace

    Trappito Antonazzo

    Coastal towers

    Holy Week, which revolves around the procession of the Mysteries, the nocturnal procession of the Addolorata and the visitation of the Sepulchres (altars of the reposition) by the Perdoni, couples of brothers of the Rosary who, hooded and barefoot, walk through the streets of the town all night as a sign of penance.

    Campo Marino di Maruggio

    Beautiful beaches and dunes with Mediterranean flora

    San Pietro in Bevagna

    Bathing in the cold water of the Chidro river that springs from a deep underwater crater and flows into the sea

    Torre Colimena


    Vecchia Salina dei Monaci, a wetland area of ​​25 hectares, an oriented regional reserve, where gazettes, pink flamingos, knights of Italy and kingfishers nest

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