Our farm is a mixed productive address; among the crops: cherries, almonds and mainly olives. 

The handicraft productions of our farm consist in: jams, preserves, various liqueurs and oil. 

In fact, our most important product is OIL EVO from Cultivar Coratina. 

The olive groves of the farms under our management and our property are cultivated with biological methods. 

For some soils, they are carried out periodically, for others, the grass is cut only, leaving the resulting vegetable trit on the ground. 

One proceeds only once a year to a superficial agreement with manure coming from the horses of one's own breeding. 

Anti-cryptogamic and insecticidal spraying is carried out with absolutely natural products, while pesticides and herbicides have been totally banned for years. 

Pruning is practiced in compliance with the traditions of Puglia, eliminating all branches with upward bearing, leaving the hanging ones. 

This technique causes the relapse of the sap that nourishes the fruit better at the expense of the infruttifera vegetation. 

With this procedure a better resistance of the plants to the prolonged drought is obtained.

I make more nutritional contribution to the fruits that consequently have a very low acidity. 

The olives are harvested by hand directly from the trees to avoid dents that would cause negative effects on the flavor. 

The company renounces the harvest from plants whose fruits appear unfit to produce a high quality oil. 

The harvested olives are left to rest for a single day, after which they are washed and pressed with traditional machines. 

The oil thus obtained is poured into steel containers and stored in suitable places for about two months in order to deposit the suspended fruit particles on the bottom. 

Subsequently it is poured into other steel containers to obtain further decantation. 

After leaving it to rest for another two months or so, the product is bottled in the company without having undergone any filtering operation, even manual. 

However, despite having carried out two rackings, our oil continues to generate deposits on the bottom of the bottles, being a natural and alive product for which the physical process of decanting continues. 

Some of our oils are produced with monocultivars in 100% purity so that the unique specificity of the single variety of olives is enhanced. 

Our company guarantees the entire production chain, from cultivation to bottling. 

Our product is in its own essence totally genuine and typical, obtained respecting all the stages of a strict quality specification. 

All extra virgin olive oils have a slight bitter taste; this confirms that it is a real olive juice, without any processing. 

Apulian oil, especially coratina monocultivar, lets perceive a sensation of slight tingling felt as an aftertaste. 

This attribute is extremely positive as it denotes the presence of polyphenols, very valuable for health. 

The polyphenols, with a high antioxidant power, protect first of all the fruit on the plant and then the oil from rancidity, enhancing the typical taste of the original cultivars. 

The phenols also carry out very important biological activities for the prevention of cardiovascular and degenerative diseases: they are antioxidants, prevent aging, purify the blood, promote brain development, fight osteoporosis and an unknown number of other disorders. 

Most of the farms of the company, as well as being included in the wider territorial area of the D.O.P. protected designation of origin "Terra di Bari", are specifically part of the geographical area with controlled denomination of origin "Castel del Monte" while only one land is located in the geographical area with denomination of controlled origin "Bitonto". 

The farm where the company's headquarters is located is located within the aforementioned "Castel del Monte extra virgin olive oil road". 

In addition, our company produces olives in brine, jams, preserves and liqueurs with all-art methods, using only herbs, berries and fruits grown in their wild and wild poderio that arise in uncultivated areas within the company. 

We ship to Italy and abroad, even to individuals. 

For any orders contact our office.

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